Best of Bastrop

Please vote for your favorite business in each category per the following directions:

1. You must be registered to vote. Click Register/Login below to get started.
2. After registering, you receive a confirmation email to activate your registration.
3. Choose the category on the left side of the screen (Business, People & Places, Food & Drink)
4. Once you choose the category on the left side, navigate to the sub-category in the middle of the screen.
5. Click "Vote" next to your favorite business in each sub-category.

Don't see your favorite business in that sub-category? Write them in! Be sure you are writing in the business that is appropriate for the sub-category. All votes for write-in businesses will be evaluated for accuracy of category. Then all write-ins will be combined and added to the standard list by an admin. If your business does not appear on the list within 24-hours, your business was not approved for the category.

Beware! You only get one vote for each sub-category. You will NOT be able to vote for multiple businesses.

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